Specializing in Assisted Living Facilities We Serve Small and Large Communities.

WELCOME... Superior Pharmacy is Tampa Bay's growing long-term care pharmacy. We strive to provide personalized service to our customers. We differentiate ourselves from other pharmacies since we are independently owned and operated. Customer service is our primary focus while delivering the best pharmacy value without sacrificing the quality of care to our customers.

Superior Pharmacy values the relationship with our contracted facilities. We go the extra step to exceed your expectations and keep open lines of communication between the facility and the pharmacy.

By choosing Superior Pharmacy, your facility will be provide with exceptional service, quality pharmacy products and continuing education.

What you can expect from us...
  • Monthly visits from your Superior Pharmacy representative
  • Direct line to pharmacy
  • Unbelievable pricing
  • In-service programs available for staff
  • MOR's
  • Actively assists in prior approval for medication not covered by Medicare
  • Part B & Part D
  • Transitional team to make switching pharmacies easy
  • Monthly newsletters for patients
  • Monthly billing cycle direct to family or resident
  • Medication carts
  • Same day medical supplies
  • Welcome packet for residents
  • Family night
  • Consultant pharmacists
  • Monthly billing for residents
  • Hurricane preparedness
  • Share costs for Medicaid
Please Call Today to Start Enjoying our Superior Service 813-874-2848

Delivery Methods...
Superior Pharmacy customizes your needs. We offer a variety of solutions for packaging medications. Everything we do meets the required regulations by state and federal laws. All medications are uniquely labeled and coded for easy consumption by each resident. All medications are checked 3 times by a sophisticated system to reduce errors.

You Choose...
Bubble packaging - This form is the, most popular. Each resident's mediations are inserted into packaging. Each package contains one medication. Several cards will be used if the resident is on many medications. Each punch card is labeled with resident name and directions.
Vials - This system is traditional. Each medication is packaged to the resident's prescription(s). The packaging system is most common amongst the retirement community.

Medication Carts...
Depending on the delivery method your facility chooses we will supply you with a medication cart. If you currently own a cart we will fix your cart at anytime at no charge. Superior Pharmacy goes the extra mile to satisfy your needs.

Fax Machines...
We provide fax machines to our contracted facilities, so we can communicate easily. This is another great service Superior Pharmacy provides to reduce your daily responsibilities.

Thank You...
Thank you from the staff at Superior Pharmacy. We would like to have an opportunity to show you how we can improve your pharmacy needs. We understand the value of a resident and we are here to provide superior services at all times.

We have a variety of services that we provide through out the Tampa Bay area. Superior Pharmacy has two retail locations for your convenience. We stock a full line of nutritional supplements from weight and body solutions. For a full listing of these supplements, please visit